Slipping for a computer player

OK, plot twist Exophiles! As we ran up to launch, the feedback we’ve been getting from you all, “mock reviews” we did to see how the internet would feel about the game, and our data about retention all pointed towards one thing: we need a computer player in Exospecies. It was always the plan, but we thought launching with multiplayer first would be a good way to get the game into more people’s hands while we developed it. Turns out building good computer players for strategy games is hard. Really hard.

So, long story short, we decided that the game was not going to have the best chance to succeed without this and we’re going to hold off on launch until we get it.

I want to thank all the beta users that have gotten us this far. Your feedback has been essential to making the game what it is today, and I really appreciate it. While the decision was really hard to make, I really think it is going to give us the best chance to succeed in today’s tough gaming market.

We’re going to keep doing beta builds as always as we lead up to launch point II and you’ll see the computer player in Beta as soon as we’ve got the first embryonic AI in there.

You can follow along as I work through building a good AI here:

Stay Tuned!