I'm not getting the notification that it is my turn

From a beta customer:

When I end the turn and lock the screen ,I have always gotten a notification rather quickly when it is my turn. Just now, I never got one but when I went into the game, it was actually my turn. Very annoying. What gives?

After looking through a bunch of the logs beta customers have sent me (thank you!), I think what we’re dealing with here is the unreliability of Apple’s Sandbox (i.e. beta) servers. The notifications are a different system from the actual system that stores the games so they can get out of sync, and sometimes the notifications system can get backed up or taken down temporarily. From all reports I’ve found (like this one: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/34536352/not-getting-notifications-for-unpublished-gamecenter-app) This issue will go away once published. So, if you see something really weird, send it, but otherwise I think those system notifications that you get on the locked screen are not guaranteed.