I keep getting asked to log on after making a purchase

From a beta customer:

After I make purchase it forces me to login twice, and then, every once in a while (often when I load the game) I am asked to log in again. How do I stop it???

First: Make sure you are typing in the correct password, there are often multiple accounts on your phone. Read the text of the login screen and look for what account it is asking you to login to and give the password for that account.

If that doesn’t fix it, this is unfortunately an Apple bug (Bug 34463383 to be precise). Basically: many users are asked to logon intermittently after doing a purchase during a beta. According to Apple support it won’t exist when Exospecies ships but it is a problem during beta.

There does seem to be a workaround:

  1. Go to your iTunes (not iCloud) settings in the settings app:

  2. Click on your account and then choose Sign Out.

  3. Then Sign back in again.

Let me know if this doesn’t fix it!