Build 284: Campaign mode, Maria++, Win Stuff!

Latest build, long time coming! Has a brand-spanking new Campaign mode in it! And, if you can beat it, you’ll be entered to win a Limited-Edition Exospecies hat or mug (see About/News in the game for details):

Here’s the high level list of features:

  • There is now a Campaign Mode! The Waspids’ home planet of Malinoino is being attacked, for apparently no reason, by one of the insanely intelligent members of the Admistrators race: Maria, Forbidden Emperor of Importance (FEI). Get over there and help!
  • You can now play one on one against the computer, aka The Maria AI, on any map including those you have designed yourself.
  • The Map Editor can now generate starter Maps for you by pushing the “Random” button in the map editor. LOTS of adjustable settings in the Map Editor settings screen
  • Units have continued to be tuned to make the different units more fair and fun

Enjoy! And as always: send feedback by pressing the ? button on any screen!
The Exospecies Team