Build 252: Getting close to launch!

[Compatibility Note: This could possibly be the last build that will delete existing games before launch. Needed to do some final tuning.]

These are some of the final changes before launch! The list of features and fixes is very small now. Getting close!

  • There is now a Leaderboard! Your score gets updated when you finish a game. You can also enter friends’ names to track their progress (if they have a score up there). Check it out in the About screen!
  • You now earn Bosons for finishing games (more for winning a game!) so you can earn your way to buying units!
  • Queen: Boosted Loyalize so units around her defend harder and increased how much energy the queen supplies mince the Dynamo is currently more powerful
  • Drone: Increased power of Scare to make it more useful
  • Maxwell: Increased energy generated by Near Field Generator to make Maxwell more valuable when not attacking
  • Vamp: Increased Drain amount for Vamp to make it more useful
  • Several of the maps have been changed to 2 or even a 3 Supply Unit map!
  • This build has (what should be) the final pricing and items for sale! Lots of new stuff including bundles that get you a starter set of units and a “full game” if you just want to cut to the chase instead of buying individual units.
  • Units now show their rarity on the details screen, and odds of getting them in Pods is displayed when you buy a Pod

The Exospecies Team