Build 246: The Big Burrito!

[Compatibility Note: This build will delete existing games. Sorry! It will also remove your existing purchases since we have a new model for this, see below.]

This build is a big burrito! 1.5 months in development, it has a lot of changes to get into shape to ship. Download it, drench it in salsa, and take a big bite!
- We have turned up the kill and win animations to 11 to amp up the excitement!
- There is now an in-game currency called “Bosons”. These are all you buy with real money, then you use Bosons to buy everything else. This will allow us to gift you Bosons for playing games, etc, and to have things to buy that are cheaper than $1 (the smallest Apple allows).
- Top user request: You no longer need to cancel an action before choosing another one! We magically cancel it for you. Big annoyance -> gone!
- Slug Trail and Hell Jelly tiles show which side they belong to now
- Multi-device sync works!
- TONS of bug fixes

The Exospecies Team