Build 234, so many things!

[Compatibility Note: This build will delete existing games. Sorry!]

Lots of features and polish as we burn through the backlog trying to close down for launch.

  • New backstory video appears on launch. Can be seen in About screen as well.
  • Sound works again! Turn it on and wallow in it!
  • Sound no longer takes over everything. You can shut off certain sounds in settings and listen to Spotify, etc.
  • Final graphics for iPhone X
  • Made map thumbnails look better, and map is larger when you start a game so you can see the detail
  • Clicking on a unit during gameplay no longer switches to portrait. Makes it easier to play in landscape mode.
  • Highlights for when you attack or move are more obvious now.
  • Parts of map you can’t see are darkened now
  • New sounds in game: nice explosion on the win, sounds for bender, new sounds for attacks from latest recording session, various other fixes

The Exospecies Team