Build 212, now with Bender!

[Compatibility Note: This build is incompatible with existing builds and will delete your existing games!]

Introducing the Bender unit! Our first new unit in quite a while. It has a cool new action, read through it’s description and try it out! You’ll need to ‘buy’ one (free in the beta) to start using it.

Other updates in this build:

  • Did some relatively large tuning to existing units too:
    • Increased damage per turn done by Hell Jelly from 30% to 50%
    • Almost doubled the amount of damage done by Slug Trail
    • Made the Vamp move twice as fast during normal moves
  • Changed internal logic so that having games on multiple devices works now.
  • Also fixed lots of visual bugs since we are building the launch trailer!

Enjoy and send any bugs or feedback via the ? button on any screen!

The Exospecies Team