Build 186 - Tuning up the units!

[Compatibility: This version will delete games from the last version because some units have had tuning changes.]

Now that we’ve played a bunch of games, some of the units clearly need some tuning. In this build, I’ve made some tweaks to various units:

  • Increased the accuracy of Maxwell from 11% to 20% (which increased the cost of it too)
  • Dropped the damage a Warrior does by 17% (and the cost to do it went down a bit too)
  • Increased the life of a Queen by 60% (she was way too easy to take out quickly)
  • Reduced the cost of spraying poison from a Larva by 64%
  • Made poison kill off a unit quicker at the bitter end instead of continuing to drop its life by half when it is below 10 life
  • Increased the amount of damage slug trail does by 50%

Also fixed a crashing bug, and put more traces in to diagnose the problem some are seeing where they got a “Game Issue” that kills their game

Enjoy! Send feedback or bugs by hitting ? on any screen!
The Exospecies Team