Build 182 - Now with Ranks!

Alright Exophiles! Some big additions to the game in this build:

- You can send feedback from phones that don't use the build in email program. A nod to all you Microsoft Outlook users!
- Ranks are here!  Go to the About screen to see what your rank is and see an explanation.  I've reset the history so everyone starts from zero and builds a rank from scratch. You'll get an update on your status after every game.  Now we can see who truly is the best ranked player!
- When characters die, they really ham it up now!  Hollywood style!  Much more satisfying when you crush your opponent.
- Keyboard now works when you have to name something, various other bugs fixed
- Transport units now have a small lightning bolt during the game so you know which is which
- Fixed a couple of crashes

As always: Hit ? on any screen to report a bug. It sends us important logs to help us diagnose the issue!

The Exospecies Team