Android version anytime soon?

Hello, very eager to try the game.
Will there be an Android version?
Wishing you the best.

Hope to have you in the beta at some point! Next platforms will be PC and Android, currently planned in that order, but nothing is locked in stone. I’ll count this as a vote for Android! Join the Exospecies facebook, twitter,
and/or instagram to keep up to date with plans!


Thanks for your answer.
The overall idea of Exospecies makes me think of Uniwar, do you know this gem of a game? Perfect competition turn based no-luck strategy game.
I love games with 24h to 48h turns, what length exospecie’s turn will have?
Will defenitely follow the game’s evolution on Twitter and will wait for the Android version :wink:

Love Uniwar! I spent a lot of vacation travel time playing that game. Help me understand what you mean by 24h to 48h turns. Exospecies turns can go as fast as you play them, obviously. The game will “timeout” after 48 hours for a matched game, but basically go forever for an invite game. My assumption was an invite game was with friends and you’ll be able to harass them to take their turn, or give them a break if you know they are on vacation, etc.

If you like Uniwar then Exospecies gets a little higher on my to-play list hehe
I meant the limit time allowed to a player to play his turn. If a player fails to play in time, whether the other player has the ability to skip the turn, or the game forfeits with the late player getting a loss.
Turns limit are 24h in Uniwar, which I find good, but there are also 12h turns in tournament games in order to end them in time I guess. That’s a little short in my opinion, but I make the effort to be in time as I’m fond of competitive play.
Star Realms plays with 48h turns and I like it also.

What I personally dislike is when games only propose realtime or short time turns.
But if both realtime/short-turns and 24/48h turns are playable then the greater the freedom and pleasure!

Indeed skipping turns in an invite game wouldn’t make much sense, but perhaps the choice of having it or not in an optional setting would please both players who want it or not?


Makes sense. I am thinking of adding a “real-time / short time” option to the multiplayer, I do think that could be a good idea for those who want to play “right now!”. Also think the option for the invite is a good idea, I’ll noodle on that and see if I can get it in. Thanks for the feedback!