Clicking an invite doesn’t always start the game, sometimes it just gives a notification

Q: When a friend invites me to a game and I click it, the game launches. Sometimes it takes me right into the game, and sometimes it just pops a notification that says “you have an invite”. Why doesn’t it always take me to the game?

A: This will happen in two cases:

You’re not on the home page of the app. Instead of just blowing away whatever you were working on, I decided a notification would be less intrusive in this case.

Sometimes the iPhone doesn’t notify the game that you’ve clicked on a match (even though it launches the app). Apple technical support says thats just the way things work. So, I have this secondary thing that just checks the server and says “oh yeah, here’s an invite we didn’t get notified about!” and gives you a notification. I don’t launch you right into the game at that point because this can happen when you reinstall the game or install on a different phone you own and it would be very confusing if you got launched into the game at that point.